NAR Research & Consulting

NAR Research & Consulting is here to provide in-depth analysis of events, detect trends and synthesise conclusions for those who need to go a step beyond regular news. We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals with experience in our respective fields, and a reputation for covering some of the most important events of the century for world-class media, companies, and institutions.

At NAR Research & Consulting, we use different investigative methods, employing both primary and secondary sources (local press, scientific articles or bibliography), OSINT tools and techniques and data gathering from a variety of qualitative and quantitative sources such as official documents, interviews on the ground and direct observation. Our clients work in business, diplomacy, research, and clients requiring daily exhaustive analysis of data and confirmed information.

Our analysis scope is the Eastern Mediterranean and surrounding areas, especially countries like Turkey, Greece, Iran and Cyprus.

The experience derived from our work in those countries for many years, our learning of its native languages, our long-term residence among its people, its traditions and idiosyncrasies, takes shape in the added value that enriches our historical, cultural, political, social and economic analysis. This is essential in a volatile and conflictive region, whose sources are hard-reaching, and which lacks thorough analysis, in a world marked by fake news and informative pollution.

We prepare thematic, sectorial or on demand reports, do personal or virtual advisory work for those who want to know more about the region, and organise informative events. Our clients receive regular summaries of the most important events, a panoramic of the informative highlights that will trend tomorrow, and bibliographic recommendations.

We are ready to be your eyes in the region.