Our team

NAR Research & Consulting employs experts in different disciplines, supported by a network of contacts and sources in a variety of sectors ranking from diplomacy to security. Our team includes:

Lluis Miquel Hurtado

Lluís Miquel Hurtado

Journalist. Graduated in Journalism by the Rey Juan Carlos University. He lived in Istanbul (2012-2017) and is currently residing in Tehran, from where he writes for the Spanish newspaper El Mundo and other international media outlets.

He specialises in armed conflicts and covered first-hand the war in Syria, the expansion of ISIS and the fight against it, the Kurdish conflict, the refugee camps drama, the migratory crisis in the Mediterranean or the failed coup against the Turkish government in 2016. He handles sources in local languages such as Turkish and Persian.

Daniel Iriarte

Daniel Iriarte

Journalist and international analyst. With degrees in Journalism and Terrorism Studies, he was correspondent of the Spanish newspaper ABC in Istanbul and former editor of the internal section of online journal El Confidencial. He has reported from over 50 countries.

Associate Research at the Building Resilience in London, he specialises in global security, geopolitics and open source intelligence. He co-authored three books and wrote several documentaries on Turkey and the Arabic world.

Andres Mourenza

Andrés Mourenza

Journalist. Graduated in Journalism and Professional Expert in Islamic Religion and Culture. He has lived in Istanbul since 2005, where he works for the Spanish newspaper El País and other Spanish-speaking outlets. He was correspondent of EFE News Agency in Athens from 2011 to 2014. He has reported from over a dozen countries in the region and authored five books: the latest two, ‘Democracy is a tramway’ and ‘Sinora’, address the rise of Turkish president Erdogan and the problems of the Turkish-Greek border, respectively. He speaks six languages.

Specialization areas:

  • Politics of Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Middle East, Caucasus
  • Economics and Finances
  • Regional conflicts
  • Migratory crisis
  • Political and financial risk
Imanol Ortega

Imanol Ortega

Political scientist. PhD with international mention in Political Sciences by the University of Granada. Master in Peace, Security and Defence by the Gutierrez Mellado Institute (UNED) and Master in Arabic and Hebraic Cultures: Al Andalus and Contemporary Arab World by the University of Granada.

He is currently studying a Master in Big Data Science at the CICE School. He lived for some years in Istanbul (2010-2015), where he worked as a professor and e-learning manager in different Turkish universities, such as Şehir Üniversitesi and Aydın Üniversitesi, or Spanishc centres such as the Antonio de Nebrija University. He is a specialist on the Turkish Islamist movement and the Justice and Development Party (AKP), the focus of his PhD thesis, and on electoral behaviour linked to data analysis and Big Data.

Imanol Ortega

Victoria Silva

Journalist and researcher. Graduated in Journalism and Audiovisual Communication (UC3M). She specialized in International Politics with a Master in International Relations and African Studies (UAM) and a Master in Peace, Security and Defense (IUGM / UNED). Since 2016 she has been living between Spain and Jordan, where she writes on local and regional issues for Spanish and international media and collaborates as an analyst and consultant with different organizations and centers for studies.
Her areas of specialty are international security, geopolitics, and regional politics in the Middle East and the Red Sea. She is currently developing a doctoral thesis on security dynamics in the Red Sea.